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Post  dynamitekiid1 on Tue Apr 13, 2010 5:01 am

Habbo X
Habbo Expert Guide Xlogo
Habbo X short for Habbo eXpert, were a group of players who knew the Hotel inside and out. Their mission was to help out players in need and were commonly found in the Welcome Lounge. Habbo eXperts were not Moderators nor were they a replacement for Hobba program. They were players who were hand picked, and met certain requirements.

What happened to the Habbo eXperts?

During July 2008, the Habbo eXpert program was removed from all the Hotels once they had been upgraded to Version 24. The eXpert program was replaced by "The Habbo Guides" a more open program. You can find information about the Habbo Guides in the community section of this site. Habbo Expert Guide Oldman_x2

What were the requirements needed to become a Habbo X?

When the applications were open you were free to apply, however you stood no chance of being accepted if you didn't meet the criteria below:

» Has been a member of Habbo for 6 months.
» Have logged into Habbo over 200 times.
» Obey and live by the Habbo Way.
» Like to help new players.
» Patient, and good at explaining things.
» Have a clean record on Habbo Australia.
Phase 2 of the Habbo Expert program saw its members being spilt into four specific groups.

Category Description
Habbo Expert Guide Habbox_hostHost.Welcome new Habbo's as well as helping with general questions.
Habbo Expert Guide Habbox_safetySafety.Full of knowledge for keeping safe online.
Habbo Expert Guide Habbox_techTech.Experts at keeping your computer safe from viruses.
Habbo Expert Guide Habbox_gamesGamesFor hosting Habbo X events, guest room games and Battle Ball/Snowstorm/WobbleSquabble.
Habbo X Badges

Habbo Expert badges are listed below.
Phase 1 Badge
Habbo Expert Guide XXX
Phase 2 Badges
Habbo Expert Guide HX1
Habbo Expert Guide HX2
Habbo Expert Guide HX3
Habbo Expert Guide HX4
Habbo Expert Guide HX5
Habbo Expert Guide HX6
Habbo Expert Guide HX7
Habbo Expert Guide HX8
Habbo Expert Guide HX9
Habbo Expert Guide Z05

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